Getting going….

Well, this is a new blog, yep, another one…  This site has been setup as an extension of my old column “The Vodka Diaries” from AutoSimSport.  I’ll be posting various bits and pieces concerning simracing and motor racing as a whole.

No one will read it, but who ever cared about all that?

Anyway, be back soon with some insightful and tiresome prose on various dull subjects.


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2 Responses to Getting going….

  1. karkai6 says:

    Hi Jon.. Was a great fan of your writing back in Autosimsport… Just found out about your dairies from Virtualr… Glad to know you are still writing… Cheers man…

  2. shrapnel1977 says:

    Thanks Karkai6, need something to keep me busy eh? 🙂

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