The good old days are back.

In the next week or two there will be a new issue of AutoSimSport released on for you to feast upon.  For this magazine I have been working on a few things, most notably this, a piece on the upcoming rFactor 2 beta.

This video is a couple of laps of Spa as it was in the late 1960’s, an extremely fast and unforgiving place that put hairs on the chest of any who took to her:

The thing that has kept running through my mind, running this old ’68 F1 car around here is: “People actually used to do this!”  Especially during the small “excursions” I ended up enjoying.


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6 Responses to The good old days are back.

  1. unrealnoise says:

    480p? this is a joke? in 2011? 😦

  2. baszero says:

    Cool video! You should blog more about sim racing, seems you are really into this…

    I have bought a Playseat and wheel and clubsport pedals from Fanatec. Now I play: GTR2 on Windows (actually on a Mac via Bootcamp, but it’s perfectly working!), Forza Motorsport 4 on XBOX360 and Gran Turismo 5 on PS3, all with the same setup (playseat, fanatec).

    It would be great to read a comparison from your side, knowing that FM4 and GT5 are not sims, but it would be still interesting… By the way: I think FM4 has the more realistic motorsounds than the teaser of GTR3, GTR3 sounds still too artificial.

  3. Kurt says:

    This really seems like the simulation that I will want. I am very interested in the late 60s for simulation of F1. I’ll probably be getting this soon.

  4. Jonesy says:

    It’s like the way I would fantasise GPL would be today, if it had continued to be developed. Lovely!

    What is the spec of the PC this is running on?

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