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Get off the line!

“It’s race six of the 1994 season, Mika and I have worked so hard on development to bring the McLaren-Peugeot into contention for wins, though I seem to be the only one to have taken any wins so far. The … Continue reading

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Automation, the start of something special?

V8’s are coming to Automation! Hands up who knows what I am talking about?  Of course, I refer to the new game in development over at Camshaft software: Automation.  Presenting a detailed car industry simulation, Automation is proving quite addictive … Continue reading

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rFactor 2 beta coming along nicely.

When I saw the announcement for build 85 of the rFactor 2 beta a few weeks ago, there was a small re-awakening within me.  It had been some months since I had done much driving in rFactor2 (rF2), as Alex … Continue reading

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Managing those round, black things…

Quite a few column inches over recent weeks have been dedicated to seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher’s rant about the current situation with tyres in Formula one racing.  His concerns, that in races drivers have to drive to delta times … Continue reading

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Assetto Corsa.

As some of you may know, I wrote about my recent trip to Vallelunga to visit the guys at Kunos Simulazioni and try out an early pre-alpha version of their upcoming simulator “Assetto Corsa,” in the last issue of AutoSimSport … Continue reading

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Is one tyre model enough?

Everyone in simracing these days, and every day for the last fifteen years, seem to be on about tyre models, a new one here, an old one there, another one that no one likes and several million opinions on all … Continue reading

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Where I’ve been…

If anyone who is a subscriber here is missing me, this is just a quick note to point out where I have been. A new issue of AutoSimSport has been released and I have put out several articles, as well … Continue reading

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