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Managing those round, black things…

Quite a few column inches over recent weeks have been dedicated to seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher’s rant about the current situation with tyres in Formula one racing.  His concerns, that in races drivers have to drive to delta times … Continue reading

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Remember when your sims came in a box?

Some of them still do, I know, but who can remember those huge, chunky cardboard boxes with a sleeve and a manual that weighed as much as a housebrick?  Where did it all go? Ever since the late 1990’s there … Continue reading

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iWCSRR Round 2 – Phillip Island

When the teams of the iWCSRR touched down in Melbourne it was to a muted excitement.  The news of a huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan left faces glum and the paddock was not the hive of activity that normally … Continue reading

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iRacing Grand Am Sportscar Series – Week 4, Lime Rock Park

After the expansive drive in the country that was Spa, we find ourselves at a much cosier little track this week for Lime Rock Park.  It had been some time since I had raced here, and not since the early … Continue reading

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iWCSRR Round 1 – Spa Francorchamps.

As the sun set on Spa Francorchamps following the opening round of the iRacing World Championship Series Road Racing (iWCSRR to you and me) championship the feeling that pervaded throughout the paddock was that the changes for this season were … Continue reading

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The Multi-class debate.

A hotly debated subject over at iRacing this week seems to be the issues encountered with multi-class racing.  As previously covered, the iRacing Grand-Am sportscar series provides the chance for Riley Daytona Prototypes to be on track at the same … Continue reading

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iRacing Grand Am Sportscar Series – Week 3, Spa-Francorchamps.

The dawn of 2011 and the start of a new iRacing season made me decide it was about time I started to get more involved in iRacing and everything it is about.  I’ve always been peripheral, racing the odd race … Continue reading

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